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Neither snow, nor ice, nor winter storms can keep us from maintaining your property.

Think of our snow programs as “winter parking lot insurance”.

As the region’s largest winter services contractor, we can handle it all. Diamond maintains a variety of properties ranging from small businesses to 100-acre, 24/7 facilities. When it comes to snow, Diamond has the most expertise in dealing with such a cross-section of properties.

Winter storms can bring slip-and-fall lawsuits, so it’s important to ensure due diligence when planning for winter. Diamond’s snow and ice treatments measurably reduce or eliminate slip-and-fall liability:

Each year Diamond Landscapes performs thousands of snow and ice control applications all but eliminating customer’s slip and fall liability. Our treatment plans offer peace of mind, ensuring you and your customers are as safe as possible.

We offer a full line of winter service solutions:

  • Tailor-made SRPs (Snow Response Plans) to ensure you receive timely service during snow events
  • Liquid de-icing agent to combat severe ice events
  • Concrete-safe de-icing agent, effective to -35° F
  • 24/7 Snow Hotline (859-255-SNOW)

Our Zero-Tolerance services provide 24/7 protection for mission-critical businesses which require continuous snow and ice elimination in order to remain operational. You can depend on Diamond Landscaping to keep your business snow- and ice-free.

Our clients include major shipping, logistics, and transportation companies, as well as medical facilities, assisted living, and HOAs.

Winter services also include Christmas decor design and installation. Our Design Team creates virtual decor images by adding Christmas decor to your property, giving you a preview of the end result prior to installation. After the holidays we also store the decorations at our facilities until next season at no additional cost.

We offer the region’s most flexible payment options: choose from T&M or amortized 4- or 12-month fixed programs to best meet your budget and needs.

Snow Removal Examples

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