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We have been known to raise the dead.
Our color/design department stewards our customers’ capital expenditure funds to both improve their property and meet their budget.

We have brought countless properties “back from the dead.” This is one of the most rewarding things we do for our customers. We approach your landscape as an opportunity to improve your property’s look and value.

Since enhancements are usually capital expenditures that fall outside general maintenance, we provide our customers with packages that will deal with high-value enhancement improvements on a year-to-year schedule. Our incremental approach focuses on the most important aspects of your landscape first, and lowers horticultural impact issues later in the process. Using our landscape design software, we can create a design that addresses targeted areas unfolding over a period of years.

Our design department is on the cutting edge of creativity, utilizing tropical, annuals, and palms to create breath-taking and aesthetically pleasing landscapes that bring your property’s horticultural online.

Most landscape contracts offer one-season-at-a-time, short-cycle thought processes. Diamond Landscapes develops multi-year plans to improve your property. Whether it’s a from-scratch project, or one of our “miraculous resurrections,” you can expect our work to look better and better as time passes.

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