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We are truly your Solution For All Seasons!

We are a little like the Post Office: neither snow, nor ice, nor winter storms can keep us from maintaining your property.

Chris Trower
Lifetime Gardener

Most people can’t say that they have been doing something their entire life but we can… It starts with our owner. It is literally who we are!

When I was little I had a lot of energy…and my grandmother would be so happy when she would harness the energy to get landscape chores done at her property. Yes, that is me at 3 years of age pulling weeds, and then me at age 4 raking leaves and putting them in wheelbarrow. When I was little it was amazing because I give a little effort and my grandmother would be so happy. As I got older the chores got longer and harder but the payoff was always a Personal Pan Supreme from Pizza Hut in Harrodsburg , KY for an entire days work. What a payoff it was! I have literally always worked with my hands and it is my passion to be outside in God’s creation expending our energy to improve sites all throughout the Bluegrass region. We are landscapers and we are 100% BLUEGRASS! Let us put some of this lifetime passion to work for you. It’s literally who we are and all we know.


Largest in the Bluegrass
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