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All contractors offer maintenance. We offer solutions.

We maintain your site to include all of the maintenance services that you will need during the season. A true one stop shop.

We self-perform all maintenance services with our own teams. We like to control the response of any service that you would need to keep you from looking for another contractor to get the work done. Because we become the one-stop shop we can employ a year-round staff and provide a full time job for our guys. We have a full staff of in excess of 150 landscape professionals so we can get your site maintained timely. We can even accomplish the most difficult tasks with the correct horticultural approach: we have our own turf and insecticide technicians that can keep your turf and plants in the best shape. (The cornerstone of great landscape maintenance will always be great turf and we have the best Technicians period). Irrigation is another area that trips up smaller companies. It is difficult to have enough work to have work to keep a full-time tech busy and we have 3 in house irrigation techs that can troubleshoot and install full irrigation systems.

Landscape Planning and design is a big area of our focus. We have the ability to plan the best spaces, the staff the get the job done and the expertise to direct and maintain the job so that it looks great. Our design department will have your site looking its best.

We have a 360 approach to your site. We not only focus on the landscape maintenance, but also the CapEx approach to your site. We steward the funds properly so that we sell responsible enhancements. This approach helps us plan ahead to make sure that your landscape falls forward and that the investment in the right plants in right places leads to the following:

  • Safety concerns that may affect your customers or employees
  • Unforeseen landscape issues that could affect your budget if not proactively managed
  • Areas of improvement to maximize landscape life cycle
  • Ways to save money and improve aesthetics
Stewardship of your funds is very important to us and we can stretch your dollars as far as possible.

When you think of landscape maintenance, you may think of mowing grass, trimming shrubs, and keeping the landscape tidy. Many landscape contractors can provide these basic services, but Diamond Landscapes is much more than just a grass cutter. Our landscape professionals have a different approach when evaluating your property: we create a complete Maintenance Solution to keep your property in shape.

Not only do we keep your property beautifully maintained, but we are also constantly on the lookout for potential issues which could impact your property:

  • Safety: Overall, do any areas affect safety for anyone on site?
  • Turf: Thickess/density, pH, weed control, seeding, traffic, heat, or shade damage
  • Mulch Beds: mulch density, weeds, plant placement, types of mulch
  • Shrub/Tree Pruning: Correct pruning detail, removal of lower limbs, structural pruning
  • Mowing: Blades sharpened, mowing height and speed, steel edging and weed-eating
  • Annual Color: Allocation, color, height, variety, annuals to perennials replacement options
  • Irrigation: Head-to-head coverage, overlap, waste elimination, leaks, damaged heads
  • Spring and Fall Cleanups: Timely dealing with perennials and leaves

Largest Maintenance Company in the Bluegrass

Once your Maintenance Solution is in place, our task is to keep your property looking great year-round. Since 1994, we have provided excellence in landscape management services to more than 130 commercial properties in Central Kentucky. Our experience has shaped our list of services to suit the customers we serve, and the area in which we live.

We currently offer the following landscape maintenance services:

  • Mowing services
  • Large-scale mowing
  • Turf fertilization
  • Shrub trimming
  • Leaf removal
  • Tree pruning
  • Aeration / power-seeding
  • Mulching
  • Annual color design / install
  • Tree/shrub treatments
  • Irrigation services
  • Container installation
  • Landscape design / fulfillment
  • Christmas decor design / install
  • Parking lot sweeping
  • Snow and ice control

Landscape Maintenance Examples

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